Current Crimes and Criminal Issues

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Current Crimes and Criminal Issue Hasaye S. Newton CJA 394 October 6, 2015 Juan Campos Current Crimes and Criminal Issue Global crime are not as many as local or regional crimes, they range from illegal immigration, cybercrimes, terror, racism and terrorism. The 'war on terror' in the aftermath of the attacks of Sep. 11, 2001 has undermined human rights globally, according to activists and experts who when the UN conference in Paris. 'Immediately after Sep. 11 2001 there was dramatic change in government policies in regard to terrorism, suspected terrorism, and the monitoring of citizens, with the underlying believe that human rights norms as established in conventions and treaties no longer apply,' Joanne Mariner, director of…show more content…
The United States also reacted by causing a blackout in China’s internet for about a day. U.S. military officials have were increasingly vocal about cyber espionage and attacks launched by China, Russia and other rivals. A Pentagon report in April said cyber hackers associated with the Chinese government repeatedly targeted U.S. military networks last year seeking intelligence After the last attacks in June the U.S Military deploy the thirty-second Marine expedition Unit are currently deployed to the North Pacific Ocean to react if any kind of cyber or terror crime does occur from Asia. Cybersecurity has become the U.S. government priority in the past year, after a string of denial of service (DOS) attacks on government computers and hacking attempts of the CIA main computers, But while many of these sophisticated cyberattacks have sought to inconvenience governmental agencies that have little impact on day-to-day public life, many in the government are increasingly worried about an attack on the energy sector. Each military service has contribute manpower toward a new force of “cyber warriors” to the U.S. Cyber Command, which will focus on three key areas: defending DOD information networks, supporting combatant commands and defending the nation. I recommend the United States sets up an anti-cyber committee to fight cybercrimes worldwide to protect the interest and the identities of its
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