Current Customer Service Provided Indian Banks

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As it is already mentioned that the basic aim of this study is to investigate and present the current customer service provided in Indian banks. Various statistical methods that are used in building up these summaries from the collected data are outlined below.

 To have an overview of the variables, we summarize the data collected with the help of statistical software Minitab v.16.
 The inter quartile values and median are provided here in order to have a non-parametric explanation of measures of central tendency of obtained data.
 The mean and standard deviations are also calculated and displayed
 Graphical representation is done with the help of histogram for descriptive data.
 To summarize the responses of customers regarding
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This variable is basically presented here in figure 4-1 to shows the preference of private sector banks over public sector banks.

4.2 Preferred banking method

(figure 4-2)
The figure 4-2 above shows the day to day banking methods that are preferred by customers of all ages. The diagram portrays that the most convenient and preferred way customers choose for their day to day banking activities is mobile banking. Nearly forty-eight percent of the customers use their mobiles for their daily transactions, example transfers, payments etc. Branch banking is the second method preferred by nearly thirty-two percent of the customers. Where online banking with nearly nineteen percent holds the third position atms are the least method customers prefer for their daily banking. None of the customers comment about telephone banking. These preferred methods actually focus the areas where banks should concentrate on providing good customer service. It is very obvious to target customers through their preferred banking methods. For example, in this above diagram it is clearly showing that mobile banking is the most preferred method and atm is the least preferred method and so a bank can earn more customers if it provides better customer service towards mobile banking than atms. Off course the
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