Current Development Of Federal Health Care Policy

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In March 23rd 2010, the Obama administration enacted a major development of federal health care policy. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly dubbed “Obamacare”, was planned to guarantee that millions of Americans who could not afford health insurance would have access to at least basic coverage. The law sought to make access to health care universal: it required individuals without insurance to purchase insurance (individual mandate), it required businesses to provide insurance (employer mandate), it set up insurance pools to allow those without care to purchase inexpensive insurance (healthcare exchanges), it required states to extend their Medicaid coverage (Medicaid expansion clause), and it forbade insurance companies from excluding people from coverage for preexisting conditions . Among other aspects, this meant that act requires individuals to maintain health insurance – the so-called individual mandate – and requires the states to establish insurance exchanges through which individuals and small employers can obtain low-cost and in some cases federally subsidized health insurance policies. The act also sought to expand Medicaid and children’s health insurance programs and imposes a number of regulations upon healthcare providers aimed at curbing and slashing health care costs. While this is a laudable framework to provide low-cost insurance to every single American citizen, a botched, costly roll-out, added with an expensive takeover of a major…
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