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Alexandria D. Maese
Dan Berliner
Global Politics
14 March 2016
Current Events Report Wednesday, January 6, 2016, North Korea made an announcement that their hydrogen bomb testing was successful, resulting in “raised cries of indignation from the international community”. In the past the U.N had implemented sanctions against North Korea for continuing their development in nuclear weapons in 2006, 2009, 2013. Yet despite this, on Monday March 14, 2016, DPRK Today reported that a fifth test would be run and a new test involving ballistic missiles would also be included. Mr. Jongun had explained that the reason his country is now involving ballistic missiles is “. . . [so that] the warheads [are able] to survive heat and turbulence
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. . to reshuffle party officials, bolster his grip on power and present significant new state policies.” Although the young leader has stated that the Byungjin line (a program intended not only to boost the country’s economy but also to expands its nuclear weapons), does have at its core the people’s interest as a priority, the numbers are showing that only a small amount of North Korean citizens are benefitting. Kim Jongun, has mentioned before that he wants the world to look up to his strong country as a nuclear power, rather than just a mere country with multiple sanctions shouting big words. This in the past has led to various consequences from hegemonies all around the world who feel threatened by the implications of a young tyrant in charge of ICBMs. This is a clear example of the security dilemma in which the entire world, the anarchy that it is, has to control minor nations that strive for hegemony at the expense of the larger nations’ security and loss of leverage. Unfortunately, it seems that despite the clear warnings from the superior nations, the North Korean dictator has no interest in abiding by international rules and is far more fascinated with realist ideologies of projections of power.

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