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Adolescent Health
“Parents Can Play an Active Role in the Identity Formation of Their Adolescent Children”
Despite popular belief, when it comes to identity theory, adolescents are not the only factors involved in the formation of their development. A recent article published in Journal of Research on Adolescence shows that parents are active participants in the development of their child’s identity. Jonathan Ventura of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, along with Doctor Elli Schachter, studied parent’s who devoted time and effort to the thought of their child’s identity. Some of these parents even made changes in their own lives to do what is best for their child’s future identity. The parents thought about all aspects that could
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If more proof of this tie is made, we can start taking further steps in finding ways to diminish addictive food behaviors in abused women.
Wiley. "Childhood abuse linked with food addiction in adult women." ScienceDaily, 29 May 2013. Web. 29 May 2013.
Cognition and Development
Bilingual Children Have a Better 'Working Memory' Than Monolingual Children
A recent study was held at the University of Granada and the University of York in Toronto, Canada. This study showed that the working memory, the system that retains, processes, and revises information over shorter periods of time, is better in bilingual children than monolingual students. From mental calculations to the comprehension of a reading, working memory plays a huge part in many activities we perform. The Journal of Experimental Child Psychology published this study. The goal of this study was to see how the development of the working memory is influenced by multilingualism. In addition, it explored the link between superior cognition and working memory for bilingual people. Working memory is a part of our executive functions, the functions that are involved with the planning and regulation of one’s behavior. Despite that during the first year of life working memory is developed, working memory can trained and enhanced throughout you life with experience. Julia Morales Castillo, from the Department of Experimental Psychology of the University of
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