Current Events Business Research Essay

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Running head: Current Events Business Research
Current Events Business Research
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Current Events Business Research
For many years my wife and I have had the opportunity of running and teaching at our martial arts studio here in South Florida, in the past couple of years the competition has come and gone, our longevity has been due to our continuing to change up and add to our training programs. In the recent years our students and friends have asked us to possibly add some sort of boot camp training, due to my military background. Here is where my business research experience was born.

The first stage of the business research process is to discover the problem or dilemma, which in my case was how to
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Stage two of the process is research proposal, in my situation the proposal was oral, during the first stage my wife and I discussed the cost of conducting research for the program and we discussed the pros and cons of the program, the decision was made that the benefits to the business and the customers outweighed the cost. Our instructors were included in the decision concerning the plan of conducting research, at this point a lot of my instructors volunteered to assist. The initial proposal like mentioned before was oral, in the proposal we explained the primary question of the research, would a boot camp style program fit our current training schedules and thinking, the overall answer was yes it did. The cost of the research was going to be minimal, the reason for this was that we decided to conduct the research ourselves and not hire a firm, some of my instructors have conducted research activities at work and we decided to use some of their expertise, this saved the business some initial cost.

Third stage of the process is research design, we decided on using a survey, this survey would ask a simple question, “would you be interested in participating in a boot camp style training program”; the survey would also have various health benefits that would be achieved by doing the boot camp. We designed the survey to fit individuals in our area and age groups, our targets were the mid-teens to the middle aged in our

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