Current Events and US Diplomacy on Truman Doctrine

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Current Events and US Diplomacy: The introduction of the Truman Doctrine in March 1947 by President Harry S. Truman was an outline for the basic foreign policy that America would use against Communism and the Soviet Union for nearly four decades. While President Truman assumed office while inexperienced in global affairs, the doctrine demonstrated his firm stewardship on foreign policy. The doctrine, which was eventually adopted as an international relations policy, was introduced in a speech regarding intentions of the country to help Turkey and Greece with military and economic support for them to avoid falling into the Soviet sphere. The main goal of the doctrine was to help free individuals who were opposing initiatives by armed minorities towards suppression. In addition to containing military and economic concepts, Truman Doctrine symbolized the role of the United States in demonstrating global leadership in post-World War II era. As a result, the doctrine ended up playing a crucial role in the then regional and international affairs during the Cold War.
Truman Doctrine: A presidential doctrine is basically defined as an ideological framework that a president uses to advance a policy towards a region or country to achieve foreign policy goals. An example of such doctrine is the Truman Doctrine that was issued by President Harry S. Truman in March 1947. The doctrine was primarily an outline the America would use against the Soviet Union and Communism through
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