Current Health Care Marketing Techniques and Trends

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Current Health Care Marketing Techniques and Trends Current Health Care Marketing Techniques and Trends: In past few decades, the nature of marketing in the health care industry has changed significantly because of the recent developments that have contributed to the need to develop innovative marketing techniques and trends. These developments witnessed the adoption of marketing techniques from other industries and the creation of marketing approaches that are healthcare-specific. Some of the new marketing approaches include business-to-business marketing, customer relationship marketing, and service-line marketing. The other reason attributed to the development of new marketing techniques in health care is that the industry has different procedures and outcomes. Current Marketing Trends in Healthcare: The healthcare industry has undergone various trends associated with marketing that have significantly transformed the marketing landscape in the industry. Some of the current marketing trends in the healthcare industry include "¦ Increasingly Targeted Approach: In the past decade, marketing approaches in healthcare have moved from a mass marketing approach into an increasingly targeted approach. The mass marketing approach basically involved the use of mass media by healthcare organizations that focused on transmitting a uniform message to the public. However, these organizations are currently embracing a more targeted approach because of the inefficiency of the

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