Current Health Status of Migrant Farm Workers in Canada

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Introduction As a result of poor economy which led to extreme poverty and massive unemployment, migrant farm workers are forced to migrate from their home countries to different developed countries to work in order to make a living for themselves as well as their families. Every year, thousands of migrant farm workers from Mexico, Jamaica, Guatemala, Thailand etc. come into Canada (Bauder, Preibisch, Sutherland, & Nash, 2002). They work in almost all the provinces particularly in Ontario, and have become an important instrument in the economic viability of agriculture in parts of Canada due to the fact that Canadians are not very attracted to agricultural work. The ‘migrant farm workers’ are managed by two distinct federal programs: Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Program (SAWP) and “Pilot Project for Occupations Requiring Lower Level of Formal Training”. (Pysklywec, McLaughlin, Tew, & Haines 2011). In theory, these workers are entitled to and covered by same health coverage that every other Canadian in the province is entitled to. However, in practice, the reverse is the case; these workers have almost no access to health care facilities and suffer various health issues ranging from skin diseases up to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. (Pysklwec et al., 2011).This paper will look into the current health status of migrant farm workers in Canada and give possible suggestion to help alleviate the problems affecting their health. Evidences Recently, most employers
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