Current Information Systems Within Human Resources

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Current Information Systems within Human Resources The Human Resources department is currently working on bring the information systems platform into the 21st century. Excel has been a good tool to use within the HR department. However, it is critical for the management team to maintain a comprehensive and fast flexible system that aligns with the trends as it relates to a successuful business (Dusmanescu & Bradic-Martinovic, 2011). A successful business reflects organizational flexibility which, supports strategic human resource management and emphasizes a information systems platform (Pérez de la Lastra1, Martín-Alcázar, and Sánchez-Gardey, 2014). The proposal of flexible human resource management allows the association to creat…show more content…
In this activities also information systems plays a vital role. The activities that runs in organizations by human resources department through using information systems are identification of the workers potentiality and preparing programs which helps to develop employee’s talent and organizing skills. If we go into the past, Human resources Information systems was first introduced at General Electric in the late 1950s. In the very earlier days of the introduction of Information systems, Human resources department uses manually. But to drastic changes in the technology, almost every function related to Human resources have been computerized. Today, Human resources Information systems encompasses on Payrolls, Appraisal performances, employees Benefits management, recruiting, employee self-service and more importantly scheduling. Nowadays organizations keep much focus on using information systems that affects the working environment of the organizations employees. The Human resources information systems becomes more effective when it is useful for decision making. The main function of the information systems follows with the organizational interests in organizing and maintains of the human resources based on vision and mission of the organization. Since every organization have a competitive edge over opponents, the human resources management should more effective. Technology has a major impact on human resources information
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