Current Issues Of Museums And Galleries Journal

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“Current Issues in Museums and Galleries Journal”

The purpose of this journal is to document my journey through the module. I intend as well to show how the texts have influenced my viewpoints, and contributed to my understanding of museums and visitors attitudes – mainly relating to the locations of our visits.

Furthermore, I wanted to capture my musings and key passages from some of the books on the reading list, and alternate writings I discovered along the way. A lot of the issues raised in these texts have affected my way of thinking; not only for this module, but also for day-to-day attitudes. The narrative below comes around between 1,000 and 3,000 word limit.

Week 1- 29 September
Eugene Dillenburg defines the exhibit as a physical environment and this is the most essential point. The objects are dimensional (they exist on websites, with words and images on level screens) and they take up place. This, more than anything else, differentiates displays from all other type of communication. Moving through the space and utilizing all the senses the visitors receive all the information that the exhibit contains, they are receivers of the public education service. I could wonder in this point that if the technology was able to create a virtual reality, then the museums may not have to have a collection. However, the answer could be easy, it would be just virtual, thus not a real collection.

When you think about education in museums, the first thing that comes in our…

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