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Week 5
Elton Shaw
March 17, 2015
Instructor: Susan Cameron

As one of the most popular religions in the entire world, Buddism is believed to be originated by Siddhattha Gotama, also referred to as Siddhartha Gautama, 2500 years ago in Northern India ("Religious Tolerance", 2015). More than 75% of its followers are from the Far East. Burma, Korea, Japan, China and Sri Lanka are places where Buddhism is commonly
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However, in state of non-being is referred to as ‘sunya’ in Buddhism and ‘moksha’ in Jainism.
Modern World Challenges At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, new opportunities, as well as challenges, needed to be addressed by Buddhism as a religion. Cultural and religious patterns were being affected and across regions at the expense of the pre-modern Buddhist world ("Encyclopedia Britannica ", 2014). Westernization began to settle in a lot of Buddhist countries due to conquests. Economic, political, cultural and religious influence from the west was becoming heavy. All across Asia the everyday life and thoughts of Buddhist communities became infused with notions of socialism and liberal democracy, modern rationalistic and scientific thinking and modern capitalistic economies. Also, Buddhism, as a religion started to reappear in communities it previously flourished many years ago. Buddhism rapidly moved into the west and prospered with new developments, which energized the Buddhism religion back in Asia ("Encyclopedia Britannica ", 2014).
Women In Buddhism
Women have fully been permitted to participate in a religious community since the early days of Buddhism. But they were bound by restrictions, since they’ve typically been look upon
CURRENT ISSUES PAPER 4 as being inferior to men ("Buddhist Studies", 2008).
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