Current Issues in Teaching Literature

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The article that I have chosen is entitled ‘Teaching Literature through Language: Some Consideration’ by Abraham Panavelil Abraham (Ph D) who is an English Professor at University of Nizwa, Oman. This research article mainly discusses on why teaching literature in language classroom is important, how to choose an appropriate literary text and also some strategies for teaching literature by creating an awareness of linguistic possibilities and sensibility. In the introduction, Abraham pointed out that commonly teachers will use ‘the traditional method’ such as ‘lecturing on topics like theme, characterization, plot, motif etc directly’ without giving much attention on the language aspect of the literary texts. This phenomenon seems to…show more content…
Apart from these factors, according to the writer, the texts should be in an appropriate level to ensure the students’ comprehension. Moreover, the texts’ length also should be taken intro account to cater the time allocated to teach in classroom. If we compare the previously prescribed texts in the year of 2000, with the new sets of literary texts, the latter are much easier to be suited for almost all the students with different proficiency levels. This is because, the previously selected Literature Components are mostly very lengthy and required quite high level of comprehension in the students’ part . Even in my case, I was in the pioneer batch of students who experienced the introduction of Literature Component in our Form 1. I was very reluctant to read all the texts and was not sure what I was learning in the component. I relied solely on study guide and memorization of the elements to score in exams. I did not complete reading, almost three quarter of the prescribed literary texts. My friends and I relied on the synopsis and the elements that the teacher provided us. We actually could score in the component when we memorise and use along side with moderate level of English. This could be the case of urban and sub-urban schools, but would students in rural schools with very low proficiency in English Language would have been able to go through? It is quite questionable if the Literature Component had managed to meet its aims in this
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