Current Legislation in Child Protection and Safe Guarding

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1.1 Current Legislation, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Safeguarding Children & Young People. Child protection legislation can be separated into two main categories Criminal Law and Civil Law. Criminal Law covers people that have offended or may be at risk of offending in the future. Civil Law is split into Public Law and Private Law. Public Law implements systems and processes to minimise the risks to children being in harm and lays out what actions should be taken if they become at risk. Private Law deals with family law proceedings usually divorce and contact issues. Child Protection Legislation and Regulations | What it Does | Children and Young Person’s Act 1933 | This was one the first ever Child protection…show more content…
| Appendix 1 Schedule 1 offences Common Law Offences | The murder of a child or young personunder 18Common assault and battery | Offences under the Offences against the Person Act 1861 | s5 Manslaughter of a child or young person under 18s27 The abandonment or exposure of a child undertwo so as to endanger its life or health | Offences under the Infant Life (Preservation)Act 1929 | s1 Child destruction | Offences under the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 | s1 Cruelty to (including assault, ill-treatment orneglect) a person under 16s3 Allowing a person under 16 to be in a brothels4 Causing or allowing a person under 16 to beused for beggings11 Exposing a child under 7 to risk of burnings23 Allowing a person under 16 to take part in adangerous performance | Offences under the Infanticide Act 1938 | s1 Infanticide | Offences under the Sexual Offences Act 1956 | s1 Rape (or attempted rape) of a girl agedunder 18s2 Procurement (or attempted procurement) of agirl under 18 by threatss3 Procurement of a girl under 18 by falsepretencess4 Administering drugs to a girl under 18 to obtainor facilitate intercourses5 Intercourse (or attempted intercourse)with a girl under 13s6 Intercourse (or attempted intercourse)with a girl between 13 and 16s7 Intercourse (or attempted intercourse) with amentally deficient girl under 18s10 Incest (or attempt to commit incest) by a managainst a female,
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