Current Literature Regarding the History of Bullying Research

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Adult bullying at work is shockingly common and very destructive. In an in-depth analysis of 146 organizations worldwide, workplaces evidencing bullying on a relatively routine basis made up 44% of the total analyzed. U.S. studies also suggest alarming prevalence rates. During any given 6 to 12 month period, up to 13 percent of workers are bullied on the job; this increases significantly when counting those bullied anytime during their careers .These numbers translate to millions of workers: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 136 million Americans were employed in July 2008. An estimated 55 million Americans have been bullied at work using the 33% rate. This paper reviews the current literature regarding the history of bullying research, the factors associated, its consequences or effects, and various avenues for prevention and intervention. Workplace bullying is repeated, health-harming mistreatment that takes one or more of the following forms: verbal abuse; offensive violence and behaviors, including nonverbal that are threatening, humiliating or intimidating; or hinder work performance. Multiple negative interactions that feel intimidating, insulting, or exclusionary constitute this phenomenon. Targeted workers typically believe it is an intentional effort to harm, or drive them from the workplace. There is no question that the experience is traumatic and defaming and marks the severe end of the employee-abuse continuum. Bullying can involve persistent…

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