Current Management Issues Within The Brisbane Branch Of Guyumi

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1.0 Introduction
The aim of this report is to address the current management issues within the Brisbane branch of Guyumi. Within the last twelve months the diversity of the workforce has been decreasing in a number of key areas within the organisation, it is believed that the new manager that was hired twelve months ago has caused this issue to arise. Currently there is a diversity policy in place that has had a gradual process over the last five years; however, it is likely that the failure of this policy is due to poor leadership and lack of control. Considering what benefits workplace diversity, the ways that diversity and the management of diversity can be improved and choosing an appropriate course of action based of research will
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It is also a system of shared values, defining what issues are important and what behavior is appropriate (Stanford, 2011, pg. 7). The current workplace culture at Guyumi is also at fault here since the issue of diversity is not seen as important among management and employees.

There are also external factors that may be contributing to the problem. The values and perceptions of a manager are often shaped by factors such as nationality, culture, religion and family values (Begec, 2013, pg 66). This is contributing to the lack of understanding towards diversity in the workplace.

It is important that the issue is addressed since having a diverse workplace has it’s many benefits. Recent studies have shown that groups of diverse problems solvers are more likely to outperform high-ability problem solvers. According Harvard Business School, multicultural networks also promote creative thinking (Walter, 2014, para. 1). Diversity always for more innovative solutions to business problems, which is one of ways it can benefit the company, and there for is an essential issue to address and solve.
3.0 Addressing the issue
The issue will be addressed by taking corrective steps to improve leadership and reinforce an adjusted policy.

The manager’s work ethic can be improved by being made aware of the issue surrounding diversity and the steps that they, and the organization, can take to create an inclusive and diverse work
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