Current Market Conditions: A Competitive Analysis

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A useful technique in carrying out a competitor analysis is the construction of a competitor array. This is done through various steps first identification of the industry that the organization wants to venture into. This encompasses the scope and nature of that particular industry (, 2011). The second step involves the determination of competitors for the intended product. The third thing is identifying customers and the benefits they expect from the organization. It is also crucial to find out the key factors of success in the industry. Through this analysis the organization acquires both defensive and offensive strategic context so that it identifies threats and opportunities that are present. Competitor analysis is therefore a very crucial and essential component of an organizations strategy (Entrepreneur Media, Inc 2013). Cellutant electronics, a large corporation is thinking of expanding its market scope and start producing tablets. As part of the strategic planning group the marketing director has asked the team to carry out a competitive market analysis so as to determine the product's potential success. The paper will focus on cellutant electronics primary competitor in the products market.
The organization…
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