Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis Essay

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Competitive Market Analysis: Microsoft Xbox
Daniel Silva, Antionette Ybarra, and Raul Salinas
July 31, 2013
Instructor: Karl Bitter

Competitive Market Analysis: Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft capitalized on the need for an operating system for the blossoming personal computer industry. Gates developed the BASIC programming language in the late 1970s, but the DOS operating system created for the IBM personal computer in the early 1980s solidified Microsoft's position. Teaming with IBM on additional projects, Gates and his team also developed a series of languages for new IBM systems: BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, and Pascal. As IBM computers grew faster and more efficient in the late 1980s, Microsoft continued to upgrade the renamed
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In 2001, it released the Xbox console and the Xbox 360 in 2005. The Xbox is a video gaming brand created by Microsoft. It includes a series of video game consoles developed by Microsoft, with consoles in the sixth to eighth generations, as well as applications, streaming services and an online service, Xbox Live. The brand was introduced on November 15, 2001, in the United States, with the launch of the original Xbox console. The first console in the series, the Xbox, was the first console offered by an American company after the Atari Jaguar stopped sales in 1996. It reached more than 24 million units sold as of May 10, 2006. Microsoft's most recently released console, the Xbox 360, was released in 2005 and has sold over 77.2 million consoles worldwide as of April 18, 2013. The successor to the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, was revealed on May 21, 2013. It was announced on June 10, 2013, that the Xbox One would be released in 21 markets around the world in November 2013.
The Facts, consistently ranked by Fortune magazine as one the "World's Most Admired Companies" and among the top 50 largest companies in the United States, Microsoft's revenue reached $60.4 billion in 2008, leading to a net income of $17.68 billion. Operating globally, some
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