Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis

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Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis
The product that I have selected will be in the telecommunication arena. There are four major companies that compete for exclusivity for marketing purposes over my elected product of Apple product/s. There is one major competitor to my product and that would be Samsung and Sony, however, the smart-phone is no comparison to any other phone in my era to date.
The companies listed all sell Apple products. ( Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT & T ) The customers are everyone in our society; the majority of business all use Apple products, rather it be a Doctor’s office with check in availability with IPads, Apple IPhone for the Doctor’s, or a Restaurant with the ability to order online through
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Factors Affecting Demand, Supply, and Prices of Digital Cameras
There are several factors that influence the demand and supply of digital cameras. The factors that cause a change in demand and those that cause a change in supply are somewhat different but related. A slight change in one of these factors results in change in the supply of the digital cameras. The first factor that affects the supply of digital cameras is the price. As a general rule, the price and the supply of any product have a direct relationship (Nitisha, 2015). The second factor affecting supply is the price of alternative products. The state of the current technology affects the supply of the digital cameras. Notably, advanced technology results in reduction in the cost of production. As such, this induces the producer to increase the supply.
The demand for digital cameras is influenced by incorporation of new and advanced technology to the features of the cameras. Such features include touch screen, improved graphical user interface, inclusion of high definition videos feature, wireless connectivity, advanced image detection, and so forth (Economics Simplified, 2015). Other factors that affect demand of digital cameras include price, income of the end consumers, the product quality, and the availability of the substitutes. However, the inverse relationship between the digital cameras and the price do not always hold.
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