Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis

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Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis Nicole Williams, Miquail Broadous, Miguel Flores, James Johnson ECO/365 April 18, 2013 Chris Foster Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis Baby Tech is a new company who specializes in making car seats for infant children (0 to 11 months). Our first product will be an electric car seat that comes with a remote control. Baby Techs Baby Soother electric car seat features the new technology with safety and comfort. This car seat dose more than a normal car seat and makes the parents drive a more pleasant drive. The Baby Soother electric car seat will automatically strap the baby in. When baby starts crying during the drive the motions censors will give them their pacifier…show more content…
As our company thrives to push our product, the Electronic Car Seat, there are various issues as well as opportunities that we have encountered. First let us look at the issues. One of the issues that concern us is electronic failures. Electronic failures are those things that can cause danger of convenience to the parent or the child. For instance, water damage will short out the circuit board that installed in the bottom of the seat therefore causing malfunction by getting shocked or the chair becomes in operable. Also the baby cup/bottle holder can malfunction to the degree where it can injury the child and the parent. The handle can also malfunction to the point where it does not hold the bottle or cup and it can also not grab the bottle at all. A great concern of the company executives are the strap having glitches where it will come a loose or stay fastened. In case of this breakdown we have decided to install a manual button on the side of the car seat to insure that the strap can come a loose. The opportunities that afford us are enormous! This is the first product on the market and since this is a technology society, it will create excitement in our culture. The purpose of this product is to provide a more convenient product for parents to help in transporting the child from place to place in a safe manner. The car can be operated while the parent is driving the by the car seat remote control. The
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