Current Marketing And Sales Efforts

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Current Marketing and Sales Efforts The public passenger transportation market revenue growth is primarily achieved by winning new business contracts through a competitive procurement process. The clients in these procurements are public agencies, civic governments, and other public entities such as airports or universities who provide transportation services, and have elected to contract management of these services to a third party provider. The procurement process is very price sensitive with the lowest responsible bidder winning approximately 90% of the time. Despite the degree to which cost plays in the contracting decision, client agencies also have very high service quality expectations.
Our most critical marketing tool is our proposal. These proposals average 120 pages in length and provide current or potential customers with detailed information regarding how First Transit will manage the community’s transportation program. These proposals are built around the “Four Ps” of modern marketing management - People, Process, Programs, and Performance. However, given the importance of Price, this “P” from the traditional marketing mix is critical in the sales process. (Kotler and Keller, 13)
First Transit’s core marketing strategy is “People + Solutions + Price = Success”. For purposes of the marketing efforts found in proposal, solutions are closely aligned with programs. Additionally, performance perceptions are driven by customer case studies, testimonials, and

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