Current Marketing Trends of Adidas

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Introduction and Marketing Trends 4
SWOT Analysis 4
Strengths 4
Weaknesses 4
Opportunities 4
Threats 4
Branding, Brand Identity, USP, Target Market and Customer Expectations 5
Brand Identity 5
Unique Selling Point 5
Target Market and Customer Expectations 6
Marketing Mix 6
Product 6
Price 6
Place 6
Promotion 7
Ethical Policies and the Corporate Social Responsibility 7
Conclusion and Recommendations 7
References 8

Adidas is among the renowned producer, dealer and the retailer of highest quality sports products. Adidas is a brand which is not only famous around the world because of its fashionable and stylish sports products but also for several soccer teams, players and tournaments. In the past, the company
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According to the American Marketing Association “Brand is a term, symbol, contrive and the special characteristics of a product which differentiate the products and services of one supplier from the products and services of another supplier”.
According to the Kotler (2003) “Brand is a sign, name, symbol, term, design or the mixture of all these and is aimed to recognize the products and services of one supplier or the group of suppliers with the products and services of another supplier of the group of suppliers”. Adidas is maintaining its brand on three grounds which are target market, sports products and its retail stores. The company always struggle hard to maintain perfection in its products, distinguished quality and the achievement of large market share. In order to provide memorable experience of sports products Adidas hired trained employers to deliver the unforgettable customer experience. Adidas believes that unique and innovative design of its sports products, improved environment of its retail outlets and enhanced customer service retentive helps the company to gain positive brand image (Kotler and Armstrong, 2004).
Brand Identity
People are wondered that how Adidas administer their operations to establish powerful brand identity. The major reason of this success is the distinctiveness and the simplicity of Adidas which makes it among the most renowned brand logos around the world.
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