Current Mental Healthcare System : Case Study

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Current Mental Healthcare System
BreAnna L. Briggs
University of the Incarnate Word

Current Mental Healthcare System
Executive Summary

Modern healthcare facilities often focus on the physical aspect of a patient, but often lack to address the mental component of health. The World Health Organization has defined health as being the “physical, mental, and social well-being” of an individual (Breslow, 1972). The mental healthcare system today consists of several integrating components, and is changing its role in the overall healthcare system. Mental illness can be modernly defined as, “A behavioral or emotional disorder that meets psychiatric diagnostic criteria, which results in impairments that substantially limit an individual’s major life activities such as school, work, or parenting” ((Watson, McCranie, & Wright, 2014).

Brief History
The Neolithic era details the earliest treatment of mental illnesses (dating back as far as 10,200 BC). Men, women, and children alike from all parts of the world (the greatest evidence found in ancient Peru) underwent an invasive surgery, which involved physicians drilling a hole into the skull to reveal the Dura mater. This hole was supposedly an exit pathway for demonic spirits to leave the human body. This treatment of mental illness was know as trephination, and was the most widely accepted form of medical care for mentally ill patients (Feldman, 2001).
By the late 1880’s, treatment in the…
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