Current Methods Use to Promote the Library Collection and Its Effectiveness

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ASSIGNMENT 11 A research conducted to highlight the current methods use to promote the library collection and assess their effectiveness. 1. INTRODUCTION Research has been untaken to assess the current methods used to promote the library collection and to analyse the effectiveness of these methods. The literature has shown that effective promotional methods can increase efficiency, awareness of and the use of the library’s collection. Promotion is one of the elements in marketing which uses persuasive information that targets potential users, it keeps the product in the minds of the customer and stimulate the demand for the product. Baker and Wallace (2002) show how the use of marketing techniques can promote the library…show more content…
II. Shelf display is effective when it is done using the open faced method however it is challenged by the availability of space. Despite this, it has proven to be effective because it takes advantage of the browsers, they have access to a full view of the books which encourages them to open and investigate the contents. III. The Bulletin board displays posters and copies of new book covers and provides bibliographic information on books in the collection. It is effective because it creates an attractive informative presence. 5.0 THE USE OF ELECTRONIC RESOURCES TO PROMOTE THE COLLECTION 5.1 The e-resources remain the least visible of the entire library’s collection. According to Hurst- Wall (2005) it is imperative to include their promotion in the library’s marketing plan. Promotion heightens the awareness and the availability of the digital collection. RSS feed to the library’s website and a link on social networks as Face Book and Twitter is used which is a cost effective mean of collection promotion. The use of technology in promotion is seen in the use of; 5.2 ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOGUE which is a promotional tool for the library collection for it provides the users with independent access to the collection. It offers the users a means of ‘searching and browsing the collection to identify material of particular

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