Current Policy And Politics : The International Image Of America Essay

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Current Policy and Politics The international image of America as it relates to energy is that of a country of non-conformance. We continue to be the largest energy user in the world and a negative externality of that energy usage is the impact of climate change worldwide. The international community believed that our nation created roadblocks in the way of reaching a global agreement on climate change and environmental protection. President Obama and Secretary Kerry worked hard to change this stigma given (1) the widely accepted scientific research concluding human activity is jeopardizing the planets future and (2) the majority of our citizens are passionate in their beliefs that the issue of climate change is real. President Obama and Senator Kerry’s ability to diplomatically negotiate the Paris Agreement was a huge step for our country in this domestic and international issue. Taking an alternative stance, via the energy policies you support, on climate change has the potential to expose your Administration to severe public backlash, both domestic and international, from the onset of your presidency. Therefore, I urge you make energy a top priority within your first 100 days in office. Please consider your stance carefully in order to create a unified, bi-partisan America on this issue. My recommendations and reasoning are included herewith. Research has proven American’s overwhelmingly want cheap, clean, and reliable energy for their homes and businesses. They
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