Current Policy Creation : The Health, Protection, And Preservation Of Our Nations Environment And Natural Resources

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Current policy creation focus needs to be directed toward ensuring the health, protection, and preservation of our nations environment and natural resources. Federal Mandates that disregard this the health of the environment are the cause for many issues that can occur today let alone the catastrophes that will lead to in the future. Not only do policy writes need to be educated on current environmental information, they should have more input from experts on the topic. Members of congress who are not concerned with the current state of the earth’s health, do not fully grasp the seriousness of the issue. If you think the economy is more important than the environment, then try holding your breath while you count your money. The economy is reliant on the environments ability to create natural resources we are able to utilize. Federal programs, such as the EPA, are necessary to ensure for profit businesses are unable to take advantage of the resources, pollution the environment, and killing our life source: Earth. Congressmen writing new environmental policies need to understand that it is more ethical preserve natural resources and fund more renewable energy technology to then intern raise the standard of living of the long-term. State representatives have put greater precedence over the economy than the health of our environment. Continuously passing bills that permit unsustainable environmental degradation to produce manufactured goods and emit toxic pollutants. They
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