Current Political Discourse : An Objective Level Of Education

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Current political discourse promotes the concept that all students when leaving school will have achieved an acceptable level of education in order that these students will survive and prosper in society. Subsequently their life choices and career directions will be determined by their ability to gather and interpret relevant information. To achieve this educators are required to teach the appropriate cognitive and metacognitive skills, so that individuals can extract and understand the information they require from any text, (Rowe, 2005).
Research indicates that among students, poor readers evolve into poor thinkers, devoid of strategies to structure the writing assignments that contribute to academic success (Alfassi, 2004, p.1), and teachers who fail to model effective literacy strategies to their students, simply compound the problem. For educators attempting to meet the diverse range of learning needs, the ever increasing number of students with learning difficulties is overwhelming. The decisions regarding the types of interventions and the limited research on numerous strategies currently available are both misleading and confusing. However Walker, (2004) warn that reliance on untested methods and dependence on strategies that have limited evidence have resulted in unrealistic and unreasonable expectations for students. Significantly whilst there has been an exponential increase in research evidence collected around many popular interventions, there is very little…
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