Current Project Managementand Lean Production Delivery System Advantages And Disadvantages

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1. Executive Summary:
The ultimate purpose of the report is to elaborate on the Current Project Managementand Lean Production Delivery System advantages and disadvantages.
A comprehensive study of scholarly journals and books was carried out to gather information.
The report begins with introducing the lean then presents the theories associated with it further elaborates on the principles, tools, processes and application.
It is evident that Current Project Managementare year old practices and hence are flexible, easy to adopt whereas LPDS find its use in companies which have to handle complicated and large projects. By implementing LPDS, better production takes place where resources are properly used to it advantages to produces high quality products that focuses on the client needs.

2. Introduction
EijiToyado post World War II aimed to augment Toyota worldwide. According to him the manufacturing systems in America would not satisfy his goals. He established Toyota Production System to achieve good quality, flexible output while reducing waste.In today’s world Toyota Production System is known as ‘Lean Production’, a more improved theory and was first made known through The machine thatchanged the world (Womack et al., 1990). ‘Lean projects’ are project’s that delivers a maximum value while creating minimum waste.Lean production includes teams of worker who are multi skilled and are present at all stages in addition use machines that are highly automated to
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