Current Public Policy Actions : Monitoring

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Current Public Policy Actions Monitoring FAiST Group as a global manufacturing organization has operations in Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific, with functional headquarters in Italy and group headquarters in the United Kingdom. We consider ourselves a small global company, with twenty-six facilities. However many of the locations have less than two hundred employees and some with fewer than fifty. This results in an organization that is thinly dispersed, but one that should be very concerned about local, regional and federal policies as we rely heavily on trade agreements. To assist with this each month a newsletter is sent to the Directors and the financial teams. This newsletter is quite factual and states any regulations that have changed or that have been approved and are scheduled to change. This is a comprehensive report for each country that we have operations. This report does not list anything that could be influenced, just rulings that will affect our financial reporting or operations. Within Arizona we have participated with the Arizona Commerce Authority and receive monthly emails with what has happened in Arizona or is trending. For the organization I manage in North America this is often more relevant. Arizona Commerce Authority also has events for education on issues. For industry related regulations that can affect our products or our customers we are members of the Society of Automotive Engineers. They are the technical experts for

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