Current Sales Phase And Approach Within Labconnect

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The goal of this write-up and summary is to provide history and relevant details of the current sales phase and approach within LabConnect. The middle market sales team wants to provide UPS leadership insight of the obstacles LabConnect faces. In addition, how is are currently working to deliver UPS customized solutions for LabConnect for managing domestic and international clinical trials. As UPSers first and most importantly, we want what is best for our customer. However, below the surface more obstacles and communication breakdowns exist within this client than has previously presented to UPS senior leadership. Candidly the middle market team has not been afforded the international opportunity scope that Jeff Mayhew (LabConnect CDO) led Bill Seward to believe existed. We have been asked to provide assistance on the domestic as a test first and then tackle the international needs. Clarification and internal communication pivots within LabConnect will be evident during our August 25th and 27th. UPS will win this opportunity, and I feel certain the middle market team can win all revenues (6M) within LabConnect.
The middle market team has invested substantially in rebuilding trust and previously damaged relationship with LabConnect in 2015. MidSouth leadership challenged our sales professionals to teach and tailor healthcare industry insights, and propose new solutions with our Healthcare marketing team to this fast growing clinical trials customer.
The middle market

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