Current Situation Regarding Prisons and Punishment

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Although it may not be at the forefront of our minds, the current situation regarding prisons and punishment is worth discussing. On the matter of this often overlooked topic, Pope John Paul II said “Not to promote the interest of prisoners would be to make imprisonment a mere act of vengeance of the part of society, provoking only hatred in the prisoners themselves.” (July, 2000) The prison system is a global issue that affects the "human potential, free will and innate goodness in man." (Lyons, 2003) The issue is in regard to how offenders are punished when incarcerated and debates what theory of punishment offenders should serve their sentence under. There are many forms of punishment adopted by institutions in order effectively punish prisoners. These methods of punishment are diverse in both procedures and outcomes; however they all maintain the same objective – to successfully punish offenders. While Catholics endorse a combination between reforming and rehabilitating both offenders and victims, Islam prefers a harsh deterrent and retributive approach using fear of punishment as an incentive to not engage in criminal activity and from a completely secular perspective both protective punishment and deterrent punishment can be deemed appropriate. But conflict of theories from different points of views raise the ethical question of how do we effectively punish offenders without crossing moral and ethical boundaries? When dealing with the punishment of Prisoners,
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