Current Situation of Airline Industry

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Current Situation of Airline Industry
Since the airline industry was deregulated in the late 1970s, they shall hold the line on the number of planes they fly. The result is that the people by plane shall be more and more, and the fares shall become expensive. Because air transport is faster than other transportation methods, the people increasingly prefer to fly. The air transportation shall be an important transportation method in the future, and the people engaged in air transportation shall have a brilliant future. The plane is not only in transportation, but also it can be used in military. The profits of airline are very substantial.

Airline tried to maintain this situation for more profits. But they failed, because appeared many
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After analysis, you can find that the competitors are not only the players, and other transportation can also impact on airlines. The strongest competitive force is the airline which can determine the profitability of an industry and of are of greatest importance in strategy formulation. Like other industries, you need to compete in all of the aspects, such as product quality, service and so on. As you know, air transport has a certain risk, so you must make your customers feel safe. The fare is expensive compared to other transportation, so you service must be the best.

Distribution channels shall improve the profitability. Set up distribution outlets throughout the country. Facilitate the customers around the country, and increase profits for themselves. Government policy shall limit the development of airline, such as air pollution, water pollution, saving energy and so on. The airline must meet these requirements, and otherwise the government shall limit their development.

Formulate strategy for coping with competition. The intense competition in airline industry is neither coincidence nor bad luck, as long as you formulate a set of detailed strategy plan, and you shall have ability to cope with your competitors. You need rational analysis, and do not be too pessimistically.

If the airlines want to cope with the competitors, they need to invest large financial resources to build the
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