Current State of the US Macroeconomy

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Current state of the U.S. macro economy Import surplus There can never be any country in the world which can survive on its own without being involved in international trade with other countries. Even the United States a super power can not have an economy which is growing or even raise the wages of our citizens unless we extend our trade beyond our borders and sell products and at the same time buy products from the rest of the population outside our country. We import a lot of goods from other countries. There are instances whereby there can be surplus in the goods that are imported in the United States. For instance the United States is a huge importer of automobiles. A surplus in the imported automobiles can have certain consequences on businesses as well as consumers. This will lead to a price drop of the automobiles. This is good news to the consumers as they will purchase them at lower prices. On the other hand this is bad news to the businesses since the price drop will make them incur a lot of losses. Impact of international trade International trade has various effects to the countries that take part in int. when it comes to the GDP, how international trade impacts it will be dependent on whether it is a surplus or cases where a country exports more than it imports then it will result to a positive impact on the GDP, university students and domestic markets. A positive effect on the GDP leads to an increase in the job market .this will lead to an
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