Current Trends Of International Marketing Research Essay

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Current Trends in International Marketing Research Paper
September 19, 2016

By Emma Larsson Durge
International Marketing, MKT 3100
Fall 2016, Monday/Wednesday 11:00 AM
Instructor Dr. Cynthia Rodriguez Cano Introduction
The article “Donald Trump’s Economic Plans Would Destroy the U.S. Economy” that got published May 8, 2016 and written by Derek Thompson is an article about Donald Trump’s policy proposals for the United States if he wins the election of being president. Proposals that Donald Trump states with a promise will make America great again. But those promises are more predicted to become a fall for the United States than make the country grown stronger. As of one of the proposal Trump wants to gain the credit for America. Trump told the CNBC “I’ve borrowed knowing that you can pay back with discount, I would borrow knowing that if the economy crashed, you could make a deal.” However, this would not be ending well for the country according to Josh Barro this could go down to be an historical financial crisis for the United State since it could result the same economical situation as the countries Greece or Argentina are in. This could also give a negative effect on the well-known Treasuries since it would make the investors doubting on them as being safe assets and therefore, since the risk get higher claim a higher interest. Other cost that would be included in the debt he will try to put this country in is the boarder wall between the U.S. and Mexico, which

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