Current and Future Trends on Hospitality and Management

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10 Current Trend in Hospitality and Tourism

1. Economic impact and leakage from tourism
Set to become probably the most significant hot-potato issue in the early 21st century. Asian governments will be seeking to maximise that economic impact by first keeping more earnings at home and after that, within the region. That will run up against the increased advances of global multinational groups which will be sending more and more money out in the form of franchise, distribution, management fees and various other forms of earnings.
Expect universities, local research think tanks and regional groupings like the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific to focus intensively on this subject.

2. Extension of U.S.
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Some countries, including a few within the PATA region, capitalised on the woes of their competitors to stress their political and economic safety in an attempt to regain market share. The struggle to come up with effective crisis management scenarios for the tourism industry continues.

9. Trade shows
The clutter of international trade shows will continue but break up into smaller niche-market shows focusing on both countries and product category This will open up oppor-tunities for buyers to specialise in various segments but also run the risk of putting their eggs in one bas-ket. In 1999, Hong Kong will host a new Asia-wide trade show backed by the organisers of ITB Berlin. Reed Travel Exhibitions, organisers of the PATA Travel Mart and the World Travel Market, will organise the first global golf show.

10. Holiday trends
A recent study undertaken by the World Tourism Organization on the impact of global economic changes on employment and holiday-taking patterns concluded that there would be a trend towards more and shorter holidays against fewer and longer holidays, mainly due to time constraints and job insecurities. Though labour laws and working conditions in many countries are moving towards giving more free time, corporate downsizing is leading many executives to work overtime anyway, mostly at home.

10 Future Trend in Hospitality and Tourism

1. Brand is expected to
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