Currently I Am Going Through A Bit Of A Transition. Recently

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Currently I am going through a bit of a transition. Recently my 6-year-old dog Jaci, who has stayed with my family (parents, and 2 other dogs) all her life has now moved in to live with me in my apartment. I hired a dog trainer, so that she may have a smooth transition. Upon meeting with the trainer, I explained to him that Jaci’s biggest issue is separation anxiety. After working with him, I learned that for her anxiety to disappear and for her to live up to her full potential, I as her owner would have to gain her confidence by demonstrating better leadership skills in all areas of her life (walking on a leash, coming down the stairs, going through doors, etc.). To my dismay, the dog trainer didn’t come to train Jaci, he came to train…show more content…
Eventually after quite a bit of trial and error, I landed a job at a private pathology lab as a lab aid; this position turned out to be a stepping stone for me to become a Histology Technologist. It was at this pathology lab, my first “real job” in field that I could envision myself having a future, that I discovered the difference between a confident leader who has your best interest in mind, and an insecure leader who cares more about themselves instead of the progression of the organization and the development of their team. In my experience, my lab manager was the insecure leader, and my supervisor was the confident leader. I learned this first hand while I was preparing for my Histology Technologist (HTL) certification test. In histology, there are two types of certifications, the Histology Technician (HT) certification test, and the Histology Technologist (HTL) certification test. The HTL test is ranked higher than the HT because not only are the histology questions more complex, but the HTL also tests you on topics pertaining to leadership; therefore, it’s optimal for those who want to go into management in the future. The HT mainly focuses on basic histology; both my lab manager and lab supervisor only had the HT certification. My lab supervisor had a B.S. in Biology, a M.S. in Microbiology, and was studying to take the HTL, while my lab manager had only a few college courses under her belt and no
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