Currently, The United States Does Not Have A Designated

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Currently, the United States does not have a designated official language. Although it is perceived as an English-speaking nation, there has been a turbulent discussion among the American people as to whether English should be the official language. Making English the official language of the United States would create an all-American attitude. As immigrants come to America, they should adopt a distinctly American identity. An official language does not imply that no other language should be spoken within the United States borders. Having an official language will create a common means of communication among diverse communities. The United States should make English its official national language because not having a designated language in…show more content…
It’s obvious that miscommunication causes problems. Language is a universal form of communication. It’s the way people get their ideas, emotions, and thoughts across to the world, and people.
The great thing about America, is that it’s a country that accepts people of all different cultures as citizens of the country. This is a distinguishing quality that no other country in the world shares. By having this unique quality, it drew in nearly every imaginable kind of person to this country, a country with just one primary language, English. With that came hundreds of new languages spoken by the immigrants. To this day there’s still people who isolate themselves within their ethnic groups, instead of learning to speak English, the most prevalent language used in America. There’s something to be said for learning at least a little of a language whether someone is visiting a country for a day or planning to live there for the rest of their life. It shows that person cares about the place they’re in, and that they respect its residents. According to Brice, “Making English the official language would encourage new migrants to learn the language of the country they have adopted as theirs. The end goal is to unite the American people, while improving the lives of immigrants and native born inhabitants.” Speaking and
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