Curricular Proficiency Syndrome

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The femoral artery (Fig 4) begins immediately behind the inguinal ligament, midway between the anterior superior spine of the ileum and the symphysis pubis, and passes down the front and medial side of the thigh. It ends at the junction of the middle with the lower third of the thigh, where it passes through an opening in the Adductor Magnus to become the popliteal artery.(Henery, 2007)

The femoral sheath. In the upper third of the thigh the femoral artery is contained in the femoral triangle (Scarpa’s triangle), and in the middle third of the thigh, in the adductor canal (Hunter’s canal).

The femoral sheath (crural sheath) (Fig5) is formed by a prolongation downward, behind the inguinal ligament, of the fasciæ which line the abdomen, the transversalis fascia being continued down in front of the femoral vessels and the iliac fascia behind them.(Henery, 2007).
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below the inguinal ligament. The lateral compartment contains the femoral artery, and the intermediate the femoral vein, while the medial and smallest compartment is named the femoral canal, and contains some lymphatic vessels and a lymph gland imbedded in a small amount of areolar tissue.

The femoral canal is conical and measures about 1.25 cm. in length. Its base directed upward and named the femoral ring, is oval in form, its long diameter being directed transversely and measuring about 1.25

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