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DIK7230 Curriculum Evaluation Assignment


In this assignment I will discuss curriculum theories and then relate them to my own profession and discuss where Beauty therapy lies within social and educational context.
Develop my understanding of evaluation and quality assurance, along with using appropriate evidence to make proposals for improvements within the Beauty sector.

Current role
My current role is as a part time lecturer delivering Beauty Diplomas, NVQ level 1 and 2 Beauty Therapy courses.
All students on the beauty diploma course range between 13 and 14. I teach basic skills to these students which include delivering a mixture of practical and theory activities to cover the outcome of the course.
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Formal Curriculum courses offered in an educational centred. It would be highly institutionalized, chronologically graded and hierarchically structured ‘education system’, starting in lower primary school and the upper reaches of the university
Informal Curriculum sometimes known as extra curricula. Activities such as after school clubs, it is any organized, systematic, educational activity carried on outside the framework of the formal system to provide selected types of learning to adults as well as children.

The Definition of curriculum within Beauty therapy.
National Occupational Standards (NOS) are the basis of training in hair, beauty, nails and spa and form the backbone of programmes such as NVQs, SVQs and Apprenticeships as well as Codes of Practice. They are frameworks that describe what an individual needs to do, know and understand in order to carry out a particular job role or function in a particular industry. Habia creates the standards for hairdressing, beauty therapy, nail services, spa therapy, and barbering and African type hair.
Standards can help you:
•Identify skills and knowledge needed for occupations
•Provide a reference to assess ability and training needs
•Identify and support clear career paths
•Provide guidelines for certification/accreditation
•Increase your job
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