Curriculum Design

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Curriculum Design for Inclusive Practice Postgraduate Diploma (PCET) Year Two Michael Dickinson, November 2011 Contents Page Introduction 3 Curriculum 3 Curriculum Design – Influencing Factors 4 Curriculum Design – Linear, Spiral, Thematic 6 Curriculum Design – Ideologies and Models 8 Curriculum – Inclusive? 10 Conclusion 12 Bibliography 14 Introduction This assignment will analyse the Business Improvement Techniques NVQ Level 2’s curriculum. It will consider its design and the ideologies and models it uses and those that it could use to improve on it, if applicable. The Business Improvement Techniques NVQ is delivered onsite at the customer’s…show more content…
In addition to this, the economy has an influence as there is a need to export product and for companies to be competitive and affordable. SSG is also made up of representatives from several UK businesses. These representatives are at the heart of knowledge as to what they need to survive and move forward and also knowledgeable to what their customers want and thus what they need to change in order to meet that need. So the economy, whether we like it or not, we can’t avoid it but we can make changes that reduce its burden. Having business representatives is an influence as it ensures that the curriculum is relevant to employers thus supporting employment and a prosperous future. In addition to this, anther impact on the curriculum is the government. If the government has a policy to increase numeracy and literacy amongst the general population, then it will ensure that the curriculum design supports this. However as the newest government are supporting modern apprenticeships and not NVQs, any contribution to the curriculum development is likely to be unsatisfactory and untimely which will influence its design and deployment. The EAL whom initially design the curriculum are caught in the middle. They must design a curriculum that meets the needs of the manufacturing market, the needs of the learners and also the needs of the government so that it meets their policy and funding requirements. Curriculum Design –
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