Curriculum Development; Factors Contributing for a Good Curriculum

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Significance of the Factors of Curriculum Development In the realms of universal educational system, the term “Curriculum” is widely used. Teacher’s Mind Resources (2011) elucidated that “the word curriculum comes from the Latin word meaning ‘a course for racing’.” By the terminology it self, the definition is so broad that its profoundness, if applied to schools, may define myriad things which might relate to, as what almost all teachers nowadays perceive, as contents to be taught to children. Some also think that a curriculum is a “set of courses for students take in order to reach certain goals in all levels” (wisegeek, 2013). We cannot say that the definition is a fallacy but the meanings are parts and parcel of what the big picture…show more content…
The shift toward learner-centered pedagogy represents an important step in the quest to develop creative, autonomous learners who can readily adapt to a rapidly changing society. Learner-centered techniques foster creativity and innovative thinking, absolutely essential abilities for today’s workforce. How do wee this effective? There is now the implementation of Program for Decentralized Educational Development (PRODED) - Content Based (not on the learner and learning process). Also the implementation of the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) and Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP) – addresses the learner and learning process. 3. Knowledge of Teaching-Learning Theories and principles- Very obvious, learning theories and principles serve as pillars to almost all educational structures like curricula, lesson plans, missions and visions of schools, educational philosophies, and anything related to education since these theories and principles are actually and really factual data gathered from serious and logical experimentation done by proponents in the enterprise to improve and redesign education as it moves along the dynamic world. For instance, “The New Elementary School Curriculum (NESC) and New Secondary Education Curriculum (NSEC) demonstrate ample evidence of the inclusion of behaviorist psychological principles through the use of behavioral objectives, drills,
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