Curriculum Development- Let Review

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MODULE 1 CURRICULUM: CONCEPTS,NATURE AND PURPOSES Curriculum from Different Points of View 1. Traditional Points of View of Curriculum*
“It is a body of subjects or subject matter prepared by the teachers for the students to learn”, and is synonymous to course of study and syllabus.
*According to Robert Hutchins, curriculum is permanent study which emphasizes rules of grammar, reading, rhetoric and logic and mathematics needed for basic education which gives importance to the 3Rs while college education is for liberal education * Arthur Bestor, an essentialist, believes that the school should be the training ground for the intellect, hence, curriculum should give emphasis on the fundamental disciplines – grammar,
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Recommended Curriculum – recommended by DepEd, CHED, DOST or any professional organizations who have stake in education., like PAFTE. 2. Written Curriculum - written curriculum made by curriculum experts assisted by teachers; are pilot-tested and tried out in sample schools or learning population. Example: BEC, also the written lesson plan of classroom teachers with objectives and intended activities of teachers. 3, Taught Curriculum – includes the different planned activities implemented in class to realize the objectives and goals of the written curriculum with the guidance of the teacher. This curriculum varies depending on the students’ learning styles and the teachers’ instructional style. 4. Supported Curriculum – refers to the material resources that will support or help in the implementation of the written curriculum – such as computers, textbooks, laboratory equipment, audio-visual materials, playground, fieldtrips, etc. These resources help students achieve real and lifelong learning. 5. Assessed Curriculum - is the tested or evaluated curriculum. Evaluations are done by teachers to determine the extent of learning , to identify the progress of the learner’s performance. Examples are the pencil-paper tests,and instruments like portfolio. 6. Learned Curriculum- refers to the learning outcomes achieved by the students as manifested in the results of the evaluation conducted as well as the changes in

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