Curriculum Development

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Curriculum Development Process Purpose 1. This paper describes the curriculum development process that will be used to develop the national curriculum. It also describes the structure of writing teams and consultation groups that will be involved in the national curriculum development. Background 2. The Board is committed to a process of curriculum development in each learning area that: • provides opportunities for consultation • establishes achievable timelines • ensures high quality curriculum documents. 3. The proposed process involves four phases: I. Curriculum shaping II. Curriculum writing III. Implementation IV. Curriculum evaluation and review 4. Major features of the process are as follows. • Advice is sought at…show more content…
i.e. What will the key content organizers or structures look like? - What will the senior years curriculum look like in terms of the course structure i.e. the purpose and focus for each course - How might teaching and learning in this area aid development of the general capabilities of literacy, numeracy, ICT, creativity and thinking skills? - Which of the other general capabilities can be naturally and explicitly represented in the content and achievement standards of the learning area? How? ACARA Curriculum Development Process v3.0 5 August 2009 - What are the key considerations that would make this Australian curriculum a world class curriculum? - What are the implications of a futures-orientation’ or more ‘contemporary orientation’ for the learning area curriculum? • Conduct of a national forum to consider and respond to the initial shape paper • Consultation on the initial shape paper with curriculum authorities, professional associations and other curriculum experts Step Three – Preparation and publication of Shape Paper The preparation and publication of a Shape of the Australian Curriculum: < Area>, that will guide the curriculum writing phase. This step will involve the following actions. • Development by the lead writer(s) of a draft Shape of the Australian Curriculum: • Endorsement by the Board for widespread consultation on the draft shape paper, involving teachers and key stakeholder groups, including professional associations, curriculum
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