Curriculum Development

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| |Introduction: Overview | Teaching is a complex activity, in fact it is one of the most complex occupations (Rowan 1994). There are many reasons for this. For example teachers have responsibility for diverse groups of students with varied and complex needs. Teachers are constantly making decisions: planning decisions, decisions during teaching, and decisions after teaching. An effective and informed teacher makes these decisions on the basis of a deep understanding of both their subject matter and education theory. Certainly skills are also essential and all teachers, however experienced, need to constantly up date their skills.…show more content…
This is currently advocated as a way of achieving inclusive learning. The section concludes with some practical guidance for implementing personalised learning in the classroom. This curriculum course is a (Higher Education) level 3 course. It involves an understanding of aspects of curriculum theory and requires evidence that you have read some of the relevant literature to which you have been introduced. |1 |The Curriculum | What is Curriculum? Giving a clear definition of what ‘curriculum’ means is not easy. Marsh (2006) traces its origins from the word’s Latin root –which means ‘race-course’. He points out that for many students the curriculum is, indeed, a race – a series of obstacles to be passed! However, reviewing the literature in 1987, Portelli, cited in Marsh, identified more than 120 different definitions of curriculum. Defining what is meant by curriculum from the literature is not, therefore, a straightforward task. A working definition will be suggested below, but first, consider the following contrasting descriptions of the curriculum from Marsh (2006:4) The curriculum as: the permanent subjects that embody essential knowledge, The curriculum as: those subjects that are most useful for contemporary living Reading these two definitions it becomes clear that each contains value judgements about what the curriculum
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