Curriculum Development for the Nursing Profession Essay

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Some of the objectives to guide the learning process of the advancing R.Ns include the following (GU, n.d):
i. Engage in collaboration and communication with other health care team members. ii. Demonstrate commitment to human service as part of professional practice in a society that is culturally diverse. iii. Evaluate, communicate, and apply research findings with an aim of improving professional practice. iv. Evaluate and analyze management and leadership theories within the nursing practice. Some of the strategies and resources to be utilized during the lesson will include, firstly, critical thinking activities and exercises that will encourage reflection among students on what has been learned and the expression of opinions as the
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Summative evaluations on the other hand, tests the effectiveness of the program including a costs – benefits analysis. Confirmative evaluations entail follow-ups after the learner has finished the program to assess his satisfaction, and use the feedback for future program modifications (Lyn, 2010). The ovals emphasizes the constant evaluation and revision of the nine factors although they are not limited to any sequential order. Within the two ovals, the four elements – learner characteristics, instructional problems, instructinal objectives and task analysis – require analysis. Goals are identified and specified during instructional problem analysis. During the planning process of the program, the learner characteristics are anaysed (Lyn, 2010). Task analysis on the other hand involves analyzing task components and identifying the subject contents as they are related to program purposes and goals. Finally, instructional objectives analysis leads to development and stating of learner objectives. Other elements conentrate on design. These include instructional strategies that are designed in such a way that the learner masters every objective in every instructional unit (Lyn, 2010). Content sequencing on the other hand, sequences the content in every instructional unit to ensure a sound learning experience, and finally, designing the message involves development of instructional materials to be used in the instructional units in
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