Curriculum : Differentiated Curriculum Exploration Essay

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Differentiated Curriculum Exploration Introduction An effective leader must rely on a practical and world-view of the realities in their worksite. As an educator, I was under the impression that my worksite was a world near to the so-called “utopia” in literature. I thought that we did not have to improve our teaching skills, but only our students’ learning process. However, the more I learn about the requirements for an effective curriculum, I have learned more about the real needs of our learning center. Because of this exploration, I feel better prepare to assess the real needs of my school’s curriculum. Additionally, looking throughout the lenses of an administrator, I am ready to analyze and produce a constructive critic of the situation, which will lead me to acquire a better leadership perspective on how to improve differentiated teaching skills. This does not mean that the high school in where I teach lacks of efficiency, but that we as leaders have a long way to create a differentiated and coherent curriculum for ALL students. There is always something to reflect upon, something to learn, and something to share. School Curriculum Environment Tomlinson and Allan (2000) echoed Reeves (2009) argument when he declares, “leaders must also assess with diligence the readiness to change their organizations- and themselves” (p.7). Change is the number one in the author’s list about what leaders for differentiation need to know to create a coherent and
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