Curriculum Evaluation

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Curriculum Evaluation For this assignment, I intend to evaluate the Level 2 Diploma in bricklaying as it is my own specialist area. I will be discussing the theories and models of curriculum, influences on the design, evaluation and quality assurance systems. I will also evaluate the level 2 Diploma and discuss proposals for improvement. I currently teach at a HMP Moorland where I permanently deliver the bricklaying diploma alongside my colleague. When curriculum development is being considered, Vashist (2003:1) states that the development of curriculum has been ‘conditioned’ by certain influences. Firstly, the subject matter is an obvious influence, then the course content and the influence of quantitative standards. Kelly (2004:2)…show more content…
Such activities are embedded into the theory sessions and portfolios (unit 2002 in the bricklaying Diploma), but emphasis and reinforcement in the workshop will help learners’ improve their mental skills. Such activities in the classroom would include working with measurements, calculating areas and adding and subtracting measurements. In the workshop, basic calculating of materials would be required and using trigonometry and Pythagoras’ theorem to find angles and lengths. Correct terminology will be emphasised so that learners will understand terminology and start to use it in their specialist subject which would help learners if they need to communicate with building suppliers or work colleagues. This is beyond the curriculum requirements and moves into the hidden curriculum as the learners are learning through their experiences rather than the educational objectives. The Diploma was introduced in September 2008 and replaced the ICA (Intermediate Construction Award) and was developed by the CAA (Construction Awards Alliance). The CAA website states that the benefits of the Level 2 Diploma are: * Apprentices and learners will be more skilled and knowledgeable * Individuals will be able to move across various projects, contracts and employers * There is a standard testing strategy for consistency with knowledge tests, practical assignments and the GOLA (Global On-Line Assessment) test. The Diploma has been designed to meet Ofqual’s new
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