Curriculum Integration : Integrated Curriculum

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Teachers generally look for teaching strategies to implement into their classrooms that will engage their students while also setting high expectations and standards for lessons. Engaging lessons captivate students’ attention, motivates them to learn, and allows students to collaborate with each other. A researched curriculum that has been said to engage students in learning is Integrated Curriculum.
The integrated curriculum is an interdisciplinary approach that links different disciplines together (Martin, Colleen, & Franklin, 2014). Integrated curriculum requires students to study a topic in depth, read many resources and materials, and also participate in many activities (Martin, Colleen, & Franklin, 2014). Curriculum integration gives students a chance to meet a variety of curriculum expectations throughout a lesson. Also, integrated curriculum gives students the opportunity to learn more because they are exploring and asking their own questions.
Integrated curriculum is a researched discipline that has been discussed since the 20th century started (Drake & Burns, 2004). Many researchers recorded their findings on the impact of integrated curriculum in the classrooms. Lakes (2016) researched that gravitating towards integrated curriculum meant that teachers were pulling away from instructing students to memorize and recite isolated facts would decrease. Teachers began to move toward teaching meaningful lessons that incorporated connections between more than one…
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