Curriculum Is The Happenings Within A School

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PART A: Rita Tenorio states that the curriculum is the happenings within a school. Tenorio suggests that the curriculum is much more than just books and lesson plans. Tenorio says the curriculum refers to the relationships, attitudes, and interactions that the school community participants in. When children are motivated, they are more inclined to learn. If children feel disrespected and unwanted then they won’t want to learn and continue to feel neglected. This results in the students not respecting their teacher, which then results in a lack of learning (Churchill, p. 190, 2013). This definition is easy to agree with because it focuses on the feelings of the teacher and the students. It also focuses on what the students should not be feeling when the curriculum is correctly taught (Churchill, p. 190, 2013). This definition suggests that schools are more than just books and educational purposes; Bruner (1957) states that children are pre-adapted to learning and have a natural curiosity for the unknown. This definition also states that children are active learners, which supports the idea that children are more likely to learn when they are motivated and feeling accepted into the class.
David Jenkins and Marten D Shipman say that the curriculum is an education practice that needs to be taught and absorbed within a school or educational place; these schools or institutions accept responsibility at three different levels. The first is rationale, then actual…
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