Curriculum Observation and Theoretical Analysis

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DESCRIPTION OF CURRICULUM My curriculum observation is an analysis of a third grade class in a public charter school. Charter schools are known for their strong core curriculum and creative elective courses and teaching methods. I also selected this particular class setting and student group because of the questioning and dialogue commonly used in the learning process at this grade level. I speculated that the in-class interactions would consist of open-ended questions and reflective dialogue. This extends the learning process and allows for better assessment of student comprehension of the material. My goal was to pinpoint teaching strategies and theories being used by the teacher and determine their effectiveness. The class consisted of 14 students of Caucasian and multicultural background (i.e., African-American, biracial, and Hispanic). I conducted my observations from noon until the end of the school day. The students were lively, and as they returned to class from lunch seemed eager to begin the next phase of the day which included science discussions and activities. The class was learning about the solar system and had been building small models of planets and stars and discussing earth science concepts. The teacher led most of the afternoon discussion, while welcoming student participation. The students also worked in small groups, sharing their models with each other, before the close of the lesson. My observations revealed many learning dynamics at play
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